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Antibody humanisation

DaTaMabs Limited is a semi-virtual antibody engineering "design house" which
invents and creates humanized antibody  sequences for its collaborators, using the
skills and experience of its Scientific Founders, Tarran Jones and David Williams.

DaTaMabs provides a royalty-free design service  tailored to meet your needs,  expertise and budget.

DaTaMabs draws on 40 man-years of know-how and experience in the genetic manipulation and recombinant expression of therapeutic antibody candidates. 

Crucially, following the design phase, DaTaMabs continues to provide support, enabling our clients efficiently to generate humanized antibody constructs, characterize their potency and select lead candidates.   

demonstrable expertise

 DaTaMabs provides  you with access to the original, clinically-proven antibody humanization technology known as CDR grafting. This process reliably removes immunogenicity issues whilst retaining potency and specificity.

The Founders of DaTaMabs have successfully humanized around 40 therapeutic antibody candidates in commercial collaborations with more than 20 biotech and pharma companies.  These projects have led to the development of more than 10 clinical candidates, most of which are still in clinical trials.

Two further humanised antibodies  have achieved market approval worldwide, whilst a third is awaiting approval in the US and Europe.